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Welcome to our blog!


This is the new blog for the Union of Union Representatives (UUR), an independent union representing the staff of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and SEIU Local 925 in Washington State.  We are organizers, researchers, communicators, administrative staff and union representatives, united for social and economic justice for all working people.  Since 1983, we have stood side by side with workers organizing to win representation and build a strong, vibrant, and accountable labor movement.

UUR is currently facing many of the same challenges  as the workers with whom we organize on a daily basis.  The founders of UUR and our members today believe that all union staffers deserve the same respect and job security as the workers we help organize.  In the coming weeks, we will be using this blog to communicate with our members and allies about our own struggle for justice in our workplace.  We also plan to use the blog as a place to share ideas about the role staff unions can play in advancing the cause and the values of the labor movement.  We hope that, by using the platform of new media, we will foster new alliances with our sisters and brothers outside UUR that can move us forward, together, toward our common goals.

Send us a shout out at unionofunionreps@gmail.com!  And be sure to visit us again soon – this site is a work in progress, and there’s lots more on the way.